Common Foot Problems

 At CAVALIER MEDICAL CENTER we offer a full-range of podiatry services

The most common foot problems we see and are happy to treat are briefly listed below:

Achilles injuries– the Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body and can withstand forces of 1,000 pounds or more. It is also the most frequently ruptured tendon.

Ankle injuries – these can include chronic ankle pain or an ankle sprain.

Arch and Ball of Feet Pain – commonly caused by dropped metatarsals, pinched nerves or Flat Feet. These foot problems can be signaled by pain in the ball or lumps in your arch.

Bunions – these are caused by an enlargement of the joint located at the base and side of the big toe causing the toe to move out of place. It’s a bone deformity that creates a bump. When the bump experiences friction and pressure rubbing against footwear it can be painful. In extreme cases bunion surgery may be required by foot and ankle surgeons.

Diabetes – foot problems are more common among diabetics and they must constantly monitor their feet for symptoms.

Foot Deformities – the most common are bunions, hammertoes and heel spurs.

Pain Management – the most common foot and ankle problems causing chronic pain are Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, calluses, bunions, or heel pain.

Skin Problems – including warts, toenail fungus, corns, calluses, Athlete’s Foot and allergies.

Toe Problems – in most cases toe problems such as hammertoes, bunions, ingrown toenails or toenail fungus can be easily treated. However, if left untreated they can worsen and cause chronic pain, later requiring surgery by one of our credible foot and ankle surgeons.

Vascular and Nerve Problems – vascular foot problems can be caused by a blockage of an artery or vein that can be painful and often lead to other symptoms. Nerve problems can be caused by inflammation of the nerve between the bones, ligaments or muscles in the foot.

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