At Cavalier Medical Center we offer a full-range of neurodiagnostic services.

Dr. Yefim Cavalier provides health care needs for all ages from newborn to geriatric care.

The most common neurology problems we see and are happy to treat are briefly listed below:


Seizures are waves of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Seizures can make you pass out, or move or behave strangely. Most seizures last only a few seconds or minutes.
Epilepsy is a condition that causes people to have repeated seizures. But not everyone who has had a seizure has epilepsy. Problems such as low blood sugar or infection can also cause seizures. Other problems such as anxiety or fainting spells can cause events that look like seizures.

There are different kinds of seizures. Each causes a different set of symptoms.
People who have "tonic clonic" or "grand mal" seizures often get stiff and then have jerking movements. People who have other types of seizures have less dramatic changes. For instance, some people have shaking movements in just 1 arm or in a part of their face. Other people suddenly stop responding and stare for a few seconds. More